Ay, there's the rub.

October 5th: Heart of Fall

A Food Reporter Entry.

8:30 am- I make myself an egg and toast. Because I have not cooked in so long, I scorch one side of the toast and burn the bottom of my egg. The pan is my roommate's and as I discover when scraping burned egg bits, not non-stick. Panic ensues. There is a lot of optimistic scrubbing. Soaking in soap water is ultimately the best solution.

10 am: I am trying to give up coffee because I am secretly a masochist and also I think I am developing acid reflux. Abstaining from coffee during the week routinely proves impossible, however, as there are so many boring biochem lectures to sit through (side note: I have discovered I have biochem every single day this week. My stomach is bracing itself for ulcers.) Anyway, on this weekend morning, I decided to drink chamomile tea, primarily because it is the only kind of tea I have (it was kindly sent to me in a care package! I lack the time/enthusiasm for grocery shopping. Please send snacks, readership, and not of the terrible dried fruit variety that my mother is partial to). I feel more sleepy after the tea though (I realize this is a common effect of chamomile, but I was in a state of shock after the non-non-stick pan panic this morning) and cocoon myself in my comforter for another hour. But it provides limited comforts.

2 pm: I am forced to leave the house to drive a court summons to my landlord (will my landlord problems ever end? apparently not.). On the way, my roommate and I notice that there is a lunch buffet! We stop in and an hour later experience intense post-buffet regret from protruding bellies. Buffet is mysteriously located by a physical therapy garden and has very non-sensical layout (desserts at start of buffet by salads, obvious lack of fried appetizers.)

12 am: I make another egg.

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