Ay, there's the rub.

8.25.13 -- Habits going down the tube.

Have been nesting by going grocery shopping every day. Stop and Shop is also the only place I can successfully navigate to by myself thus far, so maybe that has something to do with my frequent trips.

While grocery shopping on Thursday, I realized that I have no inclination to cook ever again. I have accordingly stocked up on frozen foods to get me through life. I don't know if this a wise decision, however, because frozen foods appear to be heavy on the sodium/starch but minimal on everything else. I think I should maybe be eating some vegetables??

9 am: I had an everything bagel and hazelnut coffee at Cafe Bravo. My bagel could have been more toasted. Do not recommend, although it was nice to see old pals!

11 am: Discovered uneaten Ritter Sport with hazelnuts in bag while on train. My bag is pretty disgusting, I realize. Consume 2 squares of Ritter Sport. Has already been a very hazelnut heavy day.

4 pm: Consume 2 slices of a DiGiorno pizza. Once, my former roomie and I got a DiGiorno pizza and topped it with capers and chives and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. This pizza was not as good as I had remembered! Maybe I chose incorrectly?

It was an off-day, food-wise.