Ay, there's the rub.

Burning ALL the Bridges

I wrote this two weeks ago!

Sometimes I recall moments where I really wanted to go back to school last year, and I ask myself, "What was I thinking?!"

I'm going to keep a log of how poorly I have been eating during this past round of exams, so that maybe one day I will look back at it and chuckle. But what will actually probably happen is that I will be dead from metabolic syndrome as a result of all the poor eating.

My second week of midterms started off with me being very diligent about eating well--I purchased kale (!). I am basically Gwyneth Paltrow already (as in the GP of, not really referring to any of her movie roles). Here are some ways I prepared the kale:

Kale chips- I bought kale in a bag, which is perhaps not the best for preparing this dish. Fresh kale is probably the way to go because it is less soggy. I was also feeling lazy about blotting with paper towels and no longer own a salad spinner, so my chips resembled wet pieces of paper more than anything crispy.

Creamy kale salad- I prepared this last year and it was great! This time around I did not have half of the ingredients, but still decided to forge forward. A terrible idea. Also apparently raw kale causes constipation??

Sauteed kale with garlic- this is very easy to make! However, I read that sauteing the kale destroys all the health properties. This is just like that time I was obsessed with the broccoli and cauliflower at Maoz but then learned that it was deep-fried, negating any healthiness that I thought I was gaining by ingesting mass quantities of it.

After the kale kick, I pretty much ran out of groceries (although I actually think I have some kale left, it is just rotting in the back of my fridge...). I splurged on some pricey shoes yesterday, so I will have to stop wasting money on unnecessary groceries. Except while I do embryology, all I can think about is how badly I want McDonald's chicken nuggets.

When I study these days and finish a lecture, I think to myself, "What torture should I put myself through next?" And the options are falling asleep while holding Netter's, falling asleep while listening to a monotonous embryology lecture, or falling asleep while I click through a biochem powerpoint (I fell asleep on my desk while doing this a month ago and I think I damaged a nerve in my lip).

Studying is an arduous task, is what I am saying, friends.
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