Ay, there's the rub.

5.16.13-- a third of the year after my birthday

A food report from work!

Half a water bottle full of horchata (I bought this last night at the food truck "Il Idolo" on 14th and 8th. I asked for or-chah-tah and the guy at the counter first didn't understand and then corrected me, saying or-chata. I felt mildly humiliated, especially as I recently finished taking Spanish lessons and have to use the language everyday at work. A reminder of how far I am from fluency! Also, the man gave me a quart of horchata, which is simply a ridiculous amount. It was too sweet. I had to add ice.)

One piece of multi grain bread with Nutella spread (the bread tasted like ethylene--which I disdainfully call "banana gas"--due to its proximity to a rotting banana in our fruit bowl for several days. As I hate bananas, the taste of ethylene distressed me greatly.)

I have made the editorial decision to blog about my lunch yesterday instead because I would rate my lunch today as poor like last time and I do not want you to think I am regularly eating unsatisfactory meals these days (even though I basically am). Additionally, my roommate made my lunch today, which was very nice of her as I fell asleep wrapped in my wet towel last night at a very early hour and woke up with Medusa-esque hair. The quality of the lunch is not her fault as much as it is the fault of the quality of the beef. And I most likely fell asleep as I was very tired from yoga, which is a physical activity that I could do with some ease just a few years prior, but now renders me completely incapacitated. If I had an active comments section (I am very cognizant of the fact that this blog does not), I think that would be a good place for us to discuss the ephemeral nature of youth.

Take-out at work from a Peruvian restaurant (I do not know which restaurant because I am not invited to take part in these Wednesday take-out lunches per se, although my boss recommends that I attend. Anyway, I think I am appropriately bashful about free lunch and do not ask where it is from. My bashfulness probably stems from that adage, "There's no such thing as free lunch." I don't really get what it means though because what would you call my lunch at work? The gimmick of course, is that I must attend a lecture to eat the food, although I often skip out early)

Mashed avocado, 2 tablespoons
Rotisserie chicken (!!!! Although there was no green sauce yesterday)
2 pieces of broccoli (for my health)
A quarter plate of salad (for show)

My favorite take-out lunch is Thai, but Peruvian is a close second. However, I noticed yesterday that they did not order enough fish--which I really enjoy, also I have to think of my Mediterranean diet--so I kindly decided to leave the limited fish for my pescatarian colleagues (I don't actually know if I have any?)

Tonight I am going to a work event where I was promised free hors d'ouevres, but the last time I went to an event based on this premise, the hors d'ouevres were stale Entenmann's donut holes in a Dunkin Donuts Munchkin box. With cruel life jokes like this, the question is why do I even bother leaving my apartment in the morning?