Ay, there's the rub.

5.14.13 -- 2 months post-Pi Day

An experiment in food reporting.

After waking from an incredibly fitful slumber as I put stupidly put away my second comforter last week (which I need, as I require at least 3 pounds of weight on me while I sleep to sleep well. Also it was cold.), I ventured downstairs only to be absorbed by Angelina Jolie's op-ed in the NYTimes (which I am sure everyone has read by now, but as I am at a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, I found it particularly poignant [related: would you want to be pals with Angelina Jolie? I think I would not.]) and thus made late for work. On my way out, I ate:

  • 1 piece of multigrain bread with Nutella

11:07 am - I ate lunch. I know the exact time because I gchatted my roommate to lament the pathetic quality of my life that causes me to eat lunch so early. I ate:

  • 2 lumps of these rice noodle things said roommate put into my Tupperware this morning. I thought I would stop at just eating the rice noodle-lumps and save the rest of my lunch for a more decent hour, but I could not be stopped.

I also ate leftovers from last night's dinner. This consisted of:

  • Israeli couscous (1/2 cup) (I bought this when I was trying to adhere to a Mediterranean diet. It does not taste good.)
  • Ground beef (this had a congealed consistency, which worried me. I think it was not actually 80% lean as advertised)
  • Morning glory (I have no idea what this is called in American English. The last time I looked up a vegetable purchased from Chinatown, I found out it was called "Edible Rape," and regretted my tendency to Google everything immediately)

I would call my packed lunch exceptionally meager.

12:15 pm - Work event

  • I ate 1 mozzarella stick wrapped in turkey breast slices with guacamole slathered inside. I also ate half a tomato because it was left over and I didn't want to be wasteful. While the tomato was not great, the wrap was okay. Low-carb, if you're into that sort of thing/have diabetes.

6 pm:

  • I purchased a slice of pound cake at Westside Market because my new thing is sampling pound cakes from every vendor in NYC (mostly from the Union Square Greenmarket so far, though). This does not fit in well with the Mediterranean diet. I ate half of the slice with 1 cup of whole milk.

7 pm: 

8 pm:

  • I tried to make savory crepes! In an attempt to stick to the Mediterranean diet, I seasoned chicken with thyme, garlic, onion, and black pepper in olive oil. I also threw in some tomato and aforementioned morning glory. I oiled my crepe pan with olive oil instead of butter. I discovered that among the things I am bad at is crepe flipping. This is comforting to me, because one's challenges should not be limited in a singular realm (I tend to bad at all athletic-type things)

In short, a domestic goddess I am not.
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