Ay, there's the rub.

Normally I make lunch, but this is what happened the one time I didn't. 

What I ate today: 

Breakfast: 3 pieces of Trader Joe's chocolate-covered pretzels. Thereafter I fried the last egg in our fridge in some once-used oil. I ate this egg with some rice, but in my groggy state I overdosed on the dark soy sauce. Given that there were sweet and savory flavors, I am considering this a balanced breakfast. 

Lunch: My roommate made some soup which I took to work in a jar. Upon opening the jar, I was confused to see something that looked an awful lot like an Utz cheese ball floating close to the surface. After microwaving it, I spooned and spooned but the ball had mysteriously disappeared. I was also dismayed to realize that the piece of meat I thought I had scooped into my jar was actually just a piece of fat, because I am not that big a fan of non-crispy fat. I enjoyed the carrots and cabbage though, and the soup was light but punchy (from paprika). 

Pick-me-up: I was dozing off at my desk, so I went down to the kitchen to make some instant Singaporean coffee from a sachet of powder. Unfortunately, the hot water button on our water dispenser does not work, so I ended up having to microwave water. My roommate does not acknowledge this as coffee, but I felt more alive after drinking it. 
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