Ay, there's the rub.

Westville Could Be the Villain in a Charles Dickens Novel

What does the above photo taste like? I will never know. I tried to get a table at Westville Chelsea last Friday to try the famed market sides but my dining companion and I fell victim to a particularly unskilled hostess. We were not seated after over an hour of waiting (expected wait time was 20 minutes)! 

We left in a fit of impassioned rage, but I am left wondering if we did the right thing. I still don't know what the food at Westville tastes like and they probably will continue to thrive, ignorant of how displeased some of their potential customers actually are. Is it time to write an angry Yelp review?* How is one supposed to deal with poor service?

*A major barrier to my posting of reviews on Yelp is my inability to think up a clever username. This is what is also keeping me out of Instagram (a blessing in disguise?).