Ay, there's the rub.

Indian like Curry, Not a Feather?*

No one wants to listen to me whine about the hurricane, so I have decided that I will update this instead.

1) Without power, my roommate and I have had to get inventive with our cooking. We were also forced to eat the contents of our fridge and freezer, knowing that with 3 (possibly more, we are on day 3 and tensions are running high) days of no power, our food was not going to last. We luckily can still use our stove because gas is still running and we can light it with a lighter, but microwave and oven snacks are out.

Therefore, two days ago we tried cooking a frozen pizza between two woks to simulate an oven.

This was a really bad idea. Our pizza was completely charred on the bottom, while the top was not cooked at all. It may have been the brand of pizza we used...


...which was organic (our neighborhood seems to have a high density of Whole Foods-type establishments but no Stop n' Shop equivalent, which is where I really want to shop) and lacked necessary preservatives to make the pizza-wok operation work. But really, I think a makeshift wok oven just isn't a good idea.

Last night, I sought refuge with friends for Halloween up on the Upper West Side. We ate at Nice Matin (I had thought it was like Nice Matin' and thought of that Bloodhound Gang song), but apparently it's a classy French establishment) and saw actress Jane Krakowski there.

She looks less orange in real life.

*The above title is from an Internet comment I read a few days ago--I was so taken aback when I read it that I actually had to laugh out loud.
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