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Things That I Bought That I Feel Ambivalent About (Part 2)

Some more things I bought while having mixed feelings. I've been doing a lot of shopping recently because holiday season is all about materialism, friends! Don't even try to deny it.


Yesterday, while feeling weak from hours of suit-shopping and department store-induced fatigue*, I purchased a cheese and almond danish from Le Pain Quotidien. I like cheese danishes and I like almond croissants, so I really liked this combination. Unfortunately, I did not like the price, which was somewhere in the $5 range. (The danish is a lot smaller in real life than it appears in the above photo. Perhaps that is a quarter plate or a saucer.) and while I was feeling sad about spending money on frivolous, insubstantial baked goods, I started wondering about what Le Pain Quotidien's target demographic is. It is a bit pricier than Panera Bread, and I feel like in New York City at least, it would be possible to find an authentic French bakery instead of a chain. Also, most of the people in line with me seemed to be tourists. Perhaps this is a last-resort sort of establishment and somewhere to avoid in the future.

Banana Republic Non-Iron Shirts: I actually think this is the men's version of the shirt but just pretend the buttons are on the other side. Banana Republic has excellent sales, so I ended up buying a couple of these, although I went right after work and was intimidated by all of the aggressive bargain hunters in the Flatiron District. Shop with caution from 5-8 pm, guys, lest you rupture your spleen when some crazy lady jabs you in the side with her oversized umbrella.

The question is are these shirts actually non-iron? The ultimate test will be once I pull them out of my closet, the ultimate wrinkle incubator (it's not really a clothes closet at all, but a repurposed pantry). I also feel these shirts are on the sheer side, so one should wear a shirt underneath, which I consider too much effort.

Red bean buns! I actually do not feel ambivalent about these at all--they are delicious! And they retail for about 85 cents. They are best consumed shortly after baking because that is when the dough is the least dense, providing the optimal bun to red bean ratio.

*I inadvertently started live-blogging this shopping excursion, which was probably boring for most of you. I apologize!
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