Ay, there's the rub.


I made Swedish meatballs using this recipe. They were okay but not as sweet as I prefer. Some of my dinner guests only eat fresh tomatoes, which I think compromised the taste a bit.

Per usual, we scarfed them down before remembering this blog exists, but they kind of looked like the photo above. I fried the meatballs in butter, so ours were extra delicious (and artery clogging--we ran out of oil??).

Also, I keep typing "meanballs" instead of "meatballs." Explanations as to what this reveals about my psyche would be greatly appreciated.

I went to NYC for long weekend, which warrants a separate post for the near future. In the meantime:


Girl Scout cookies at Soldier's Arch!!!!!* What are you guys doing by continuing to read this instead of buying them??? GET ON IT. I bought 3 boxes this afternoon for my housemates but have already consumed a box by myself.

My favorite cookie is the recently renamed Samoa (now Caramel deLite, pictured above), but I think most people like Thin Mints, though I do not understand the wish to consume things that taste like toothpaste.

Anyway, at $4 a box (apparently this is an outrageous price increase? I would be willing to pay $7.) you can get a box for each of your friends!!!

*I am not getting paid to endorse these cookies as a former Girl Scout, I just like to eat them. In fact, in 1999 I was cruelly voted out of my Girl Scout troop, but I guess that is yet another story for another day. However, I would like to add that I thought Girl Scouts would entail learning how to escape a bear (a legitimate concern if you are from the wilderness of NY) instead of earning badges for sleeping over at the local YMCA, a life experience that only taught me how to be homeless.