Ay, there's the rub.

Apsara Palace

I can now die a happy person. I have been holding out in terms of happiness--things like cats and swingsets fill me with delight but I hadn't experienced overwhelming happiness until this weekend, when I ate at Apsara Palace.

Delicious. Nirvana-inducing. Amazingly cheap. I am a lit arts concentrator, and I can't even think of the appropriate words to describe my lunch yesterday (I also should be working on my thesis right now instead of updating, alas). You have to check it out for yourselves! We ordered the Singapore noodles (pictured above), the roast duck (HIGHLY recommend! Only $10 for half a duck, crispy and wonderful), lemongrass shrimp, and chicken nime chow and our bill came out to only $30! You guys, that is like, impossible. Yesterday I consumed an impossible lunch. Also everything was delicious, I think that doesn't even need to be said. Hands down best pan-Asian restaurant in Providence. Much like Shakira's hips, the internet reviews didn't lie!

I will definitely be going back to check out their soups and maybe their banh mi if they have it? I love banh mi too--when I found out they were selling it in Granoff*, I sent out an obnoxious mass e-mail expressing my joy at the news. There were a lot of emoticons and punctuation. It wasn't pretty.

*They have since discontinued these sandwiches. I do not understand BUDS sometimes.