Ay, there's the rub.

Food Mistakes

Whenever someone gives me a restaurant recommendation or mentions something I "absolutely have to eat," I usually try it out. Those Applebee's 3-course special commercials always made me want to go to Applebee's ASAP (even though I think their food is over-salted), so of course I am going to fall victim to word-of-mouth advertising, or any other type of advertising for that matter.

However, sometimes people and the Internet give really bad suggestions.

This is cereal milk soft serve ice cream from Momofuku Milk Bar in New York. I don't understand why people like this. Have they never had real ice cream before? No Friendly's or Ben and Jerry's? No Newport Creamery? Perhaps these are suburban staples unavailable to our more urbane counterparts.

I imagined this so-called "ice cream" would taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk! In Heidi (a phenomenal children's book that everyone should read, boys and girls alike), the title character drinks a lot of goat milk because she lives in the Swiss Alps with her hermit grandfather and apparently that's what they do there. Heidi claims goat milk is the most delicious and although I know this to be a lie because I've had goat cheese before (who is Heidi trying to kid?), I think drinking Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk is what imaginary goat milk must taste like.

Momofuku cereal milk ice cream tastes like the milk left over from cornflakes, and I think everyone who has ever had a bowl of cornflakes can attest to the fact that the milk is no good. Cornflakes are the worst! This ice cream was also oddly sour, like it was rotten or something. Basically, 2 thumbs down.

Characters in books like weird things too. Case in point being Edmund from the Chronicles of Narnia, who likes Turkish delight. Once, someone gave my family a box of this for the holidays (I guess this person didn't really like us because this is a terrible gift) and we didn't eat for a year, and we were scared it had turned into Turkish nightmare. Except Turkish delight is like, non-biodegradable, so it tasted as it would have if we had opened it on day one, which is to say it tasted terrible.

I only have about 10 stories to tell, and I tell them on a rotating basis, so I apologize, readership of 5, if you have already heard about this. Once I ordered treacle tart at a restaurant in London, and my dad was like, "You are not going to like this," and I said, "Pshaw father, this is Harry Potter's favorite dessert." But father knows best because I didn't like it. JK Rowling, please give Harry Potter some Nutella or something because I don't think he has experienced very many delicious foods. I also feel like Ferrero would give you free Nutella for life, JK, if you had such blatant product placement, which would be great!

A lot of things in Harry Potter sound like they wouldn't taste good, come to think of it. For example, I like pumpkin soup, but I don't think I would care for pumpkin juice.

The reason for this post was that I heard certain individuals did not enjoy the cajun curly fries from Baja's! I did not want to become a food blogger of ill-repute, so I went back and ordered some. They were good! A little bit more greasy than I remembered, but pleasantly crispy. As I learned from Heidi and Harry Potter, you cannot trust every recommendation you receive. But you can trust me, folks! I attribute the fry disaster to a bad batch. Try again.

I have been cooking more than eating out recently, so perhaps I will take some photos of my concoctions. However, I am usually so hungry by the time I finish cooking that I eat everything before I even remember I have a blog. So it goes.
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