Ay, there's the rub.

I Went to Uno's

A few days ago, I walked all the way to Uno's with one of my roommates in the freezing cold February weather. I'm trying to live the Jerry Seinfeld/Simon Rich writer-type way of life in which I never leave my house, but my love of deep dish pizza knows no bounds.


Uno's is really good. I feel like Nice Slice/Antonio's doesn't provide that satisfying fullness that eating a legit deep dish pizza provides (are deep dish pizza and pizza pie synonymous?). So once, like a year ago, I convinced my roommate that we had to trek all the way to Uno's to partake in this gastronomic treat. It was the highlight of last year, probably.

Despite our fond memories of the above pizza, the pizza we ordered yesterday was not like that. At all. You see, every couple of days I convince myself I have some sort of dietary deficiency. I think this is the more paranoid take on "healthy living"--I cover all the major food groups eventually due to my sheer anxiety.

Recently, I have been really into omega-3 fatty acids. I don't know what omega-3 fatty acids do for you (I guess a simple Wikipedia search could rectify this? I was so lost when Wikipedia was blacked out for SOPA day) but I feel like I need to ingest them.  So the other day I ordered anchovies on my Uno's pizza.

Friends, it was a terrible idea. Do not make this mistake! Anchovies are only for those pursuing a bomb-shelter diet. Also, maybe cats? For everyone else, anchovies completely overpower the crustiness of deep dish pizza, which is what makes the pizza so good. Although I do think the anchovies may have been acceptable if they were in some sort of spread that was light on the anchovies, but heavy on the oil.

Perhaps this ordering mishap can speak toward a larger philosophical point about restaurants. You eat somewhere the first time, and you think Oh wow, this is so amazing, how did I previously live without ingesting this heavenly meal? and then the second time you think, Ew, this is no good. It's kind of like most movie sequels.

Anyway, today I was assigned mountains of work, so it's good that I left the house while I could.