Ay, there's the rub.

In an ideal world, I would be able to subsist on a diet of french fries alone. Back in the glory days of being on a college meal plan (even though I complained about it every day, I am such a treat), I primarily did survive on french fries, although I added the occasional cup of coffee (Occasional is a blatant lie--I used to drink 3 cups of coffee a day. I often wondered why my laptop would shake when I kept in on my lap, but then I realized it was just the uncontrollable shake of my legs.)

Anyway, french fries are now a rare commodity as I must pay for them out of pocket and I no longer possess my youthful metabolism. However, as a self-professed french fry connoisseur, there are some french fries I prefer above all the rest.

These fries are incorrectly billed as "Cajun Curly Fries" on the receipt and menu at Baja Tex Mex--they most certainly are not curly. Despite the misnomer, however, these fries reign supreme. With the assistance of a deep fryer, they are both crunchy but soft on the inside, and the cajun seasoning adds a fun twist to the old classic. Also, my roommates and I are addicted to these fries, so whenever one of us brings them back we eat them while sitting on the floor (then all of us can reach) like a pack of vultures on some offal or something. Is that embarrassing? This blog basically serves as a record of my lack of manners when it comes to food.

Although french fries are not a traditional dinner party-appropriate present, I think most hosts would be delighted to receive them! Unless they were on some sort of diet, as so many seem to be.

There were some honorable mentions in the french fry category. East Side Pockets essentially deep fries Ore-Ida fries, so there's nothing special about the potatoes there. Then again, Ore-Ida fries are amazing, so they must be mentioned. Also, most people don't own a deep fryer, so the fries are extra crispy compared to if they were oven baked (If you do own a deep fryer, was that a lifestyle choice? A power purchase?)

Better Burger's fries are also okay as are Paragon's. It's hard to mess up fries, friends. This is more a competition of price and quantity (also speed. Paragon is slow.)

Inevitably, someone will disagree about my french fry choices, but hey, what do I know--I spent the last 4 hours of winter break watching direct-to-TV movies on ABC Family. A double feature! 2 different versions of "A Cinderella Story"--I was not aware we needed that many versions.