Ay, there's the rub.

3.22.14 -- The Ides of Life

How I have missed writing these Food Reporter entries that no one reads. I also thought that I needed to clear up a question that has plagued me: is Med School Shara less interesting/humorous-in-a-pathetic-way (which is to say, never humorous) than Shara of yore? 

As today is my last day of spring break, I thought I would document today's diet, especially as I stepped on the scale this afternoon and noticed I had gained 1.4 pounds. Ordinarily I would say that the number was horribly inaccurate (this is not as far-fetched as it seems--my dad jumps on the scale at home to shift back the dial [instant 5 lb. weight loss trick!]) but my parents have in recent years upgraded to a digital scale. Woe. Between my weight gain, the fact that I am breaking out (what gives, adult acne? Oh, how I did not appreciate the clear skin of my youth [my life prior to this semester]!) and the fact that I have to return to school tomorrow, I need to dwell on the small pleasures of life, i.e. my diet this week.

Brunch, 12 pm (I meant to wake up at 7 am and go to the hot yoga studio near my house, but you know how such ambitions end.)

-3 pieces of turkey bacon
-1 large blueberry pancake (out of 3 blueberry pancakes! mind over matter, friends. Although I just ate half a pancake as a snack.)
-10 pieces of fried shrimp (This was my mom's meal, but I thought I would help her out as I am the fruit of her loins. This is how you become fat.)
-1 piece of cornbread
-1 pot of English Breakfast Tea
-Bites of steak, fried okra, sweet potato, etc. (going out to brunch with my parents is v. nice)

I biked for 30 minutes with my dad outside but felt winded when going uphill. I have been attempting this Miranda Kerr-butt lift exercise in anticipation of my upcoming travels to Puerto Rico. Perhaps we can attribute my weight gain to muscle mass? Alas, my butt looks mostly the same.

In short, Med School Shara is v. vain.