Ay, there's the rub.

what life is like during break

2 pm: wake up*
2:15 pm: first breakfast
3 pm: 2nd breakfast
4 pm: lunch
5 pm: early dinner with my dad
7 pm: post-dinner nap
9 pm: idle TV watching/Internet perusing
11 pm: bedtime

First semester of medical school has been, as Bridget Jones would say, a terrifying slide into obesity. Clearly my break habits are not making things any better. I have been doing some half-hearted exercise on the elliptical, but as I have also developed an extreme aversion to sweat (see also: my recently-formed aversion to cooking), my 30-second aerobic intervals have proved largely ineffective.

However, all this sleep is very necessary I think for recovering from this semester! No one was lying when they said medicine was a tough field to enter. That being said, I may need to rethink how I have been describing my experiences to my non-med friends as at least one is under the impression that I am miserable all the time. To which I say, like most things, school has its ups and downs! And I mostly rant about the downs. But I think anatomy lab especially is over-romanticized--maybe in 20 years I will reflect on what a beautiful experience it was, but for now I am just happy it is over.

*I would like you all to know that today I only slept 8 hours instead of 14. Baby steps.