Ay, there's the rub.


Starting to feel a little nostalgia towards my year in New York City, now that it is coming to an end. This was definitely a best of times, worst of times-type situation.

My roommate and I recently made Things We Are Grateful For/Things We Could Improve On lists (spinster city, here we come!!). In a similar vein, a few more lists:

Some things I won't miss about New York:
1) My landlord
2) Vermin/pests (I have killed far too many roaches and mice this year)
3) The ridiculous cost of living
4) The terrible smells (especially in the summer)
5) Poor service/entitlement (Because it's New York, people can treat you any way they'd like. Also, because it's New York, you're supposed to accept it.)
6) Lack of space

Some things I will miss about New York
1) Pals
2) All the things you can eat (Dirty Bird! Bon Chon! Amy Ruth's! It seems like all I eat is fried chicken, and that is fairly accurate. I'll also miss olive oil gelato and Elsa's. Oh my gosh, also Dominican chicken!!!)
3) All the things you can do (although the ridiculous cost of living prevents being able to do things as  often as you'd like. Amy Poehler I think said that you have to do New York once when you're struggling and once when you're wealthy. Obviously I am still waiting for the latter occurrence.)
4) The subway (Although I wish the trains were timed and the maps were more accessible when underground.)
5) Karaoke
6) Late-night establishments (I didn't realize how harsh the Rhode Island law of shutting down everything at 2 am was until I experienced late-night noodles and Seamless).
7) Exploring so many different neighborhoods