Ay, there's the rub.

What have I been up to?!

Yesterday my parents came to visit and got me lots of things I needed (and by things needed, I mean quarters for doing my laundry).

We ate out.

The waitstaff at Nick's on Broadway are super nice, and the head chef is super talented. They only have like, 5 entrees on their menu, which I think minimizes room for error in each of their dishes. Everything was superb! I had monkfish with green risotto, although perhaps the risotto was just green for St. Patty's Day.

I also recently tired to make mayonnaise in the food processor, which I hear is a hipster hobby of choice much like cooking salmon in the dishwasher (I will try the latter soon and blog about it!).

Anyway, I wanted my mayonnaise to look like this:
But instead, it looked more like this:
I do not know where I erred! I suspect I added the oil too quickly. I skipped the drop by drop part (who has the patience to pour something that way??) and went straight to the thin stream, which probably messed up the emulsification process. I also lost the lid of the food processor, so I made a big mess.

My roommate and I ate the soupy mayonnaise and I don't think either of us got sick from the raw eggs afterwards (at least, I didn't). That is because being off meal plan is priming us to be superhumans! With stomachs of steel.*

*This is what I tell myself when there are no snacks late at night and I wake up starving. Someone please swipe me into the Ratty? I'll make conversation and pretend to be your friend and everything.