Ay, there's the rub.

Introducing Shara Azad, MD



Provided that nothing goes wrong during my vacation over the next 2 months (there is always something that can go horribly awry), I will soon be Shara Azad, MD. What a terrifying thought! Apart from being a total novice at treating patients--though nurses, attendings, and senior residents will be watching me at every turn--I am not sure I am ready to begin my "professional" life. Professional Shara takes photos with a grey background at Target! Real Shara still studiously avoids cameras.

I'll still try to "keep it real" though. After Match Day, I had dinner with my mom and a friend, who both reminded me that my end-goal was to become a physician-writer. I largely lost sight of this, wrapped up in residency interviews, but it's true that to become a physician-writer I need to do more writing. I don't think I will be able to update with the frequency of Dr. Michelle Au during intern year, but I can definitely make more of an effort to maintain this blog! At the very least I can do more Food Reporter entries because I always eat poorly (I had an exam last week [my last one of medical school!] and subsisted on puffed rice and hard-boiled eggs for 24 hours).

Another terrifying thought is how quickly time is passing. They say that in medicine the days are long, but the years are short, something I never fully appreciated until now. I still feel like I'm studying in my Rock carrell with the Self Control app blocking Gmail! But four years have just flown by! I'm sort of hoping the next four years fly by just as fast, but maybe with less suffering in between.

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