Ay, there's the rub.

Basic Arithmetic Practice for Milennials

1) Shara has gone to a new laundromat because she lost the laundry card for her apartment building ($25 fee) and wildly offended the owner of the other laundromat she used to go to by kicking a dryer door (when it popped open! Honestly, you would have thought she committed genocide from the dirty look she received). The cost of laundry at her building was $1.50 for both washing and drying a load. The cost at the old laundromat was $2.75 for washing one load and $0.25 for drying for 7 minutes. She would dry for 14 minutes per load.

The cost per load at the new laundromat is $2.45 per load, God knows how much for drying, plus she had to pay $2.00 for a laundry card and $6 because the lady at the desk conned her into buying expensive detergent. The new laundromat also appears to be home to some sort of human trafficking situation and is no where near Shara's apartment, so in addition to gas money, she may not be able to escape safely if she falls into grave peril.

Has Shara saved money by going to the new laundromat? Please show your work as you take into account the opportunity cost of the rest of her life.