Ay, there's the rub.

Food Reporter 8/22/15

Thus far today I have gone to town on a container of Tate's cookies, "treated" myself to a "grande" iced caramel macchiato (my basicness goes beyond pH 14) because I have to spend the rest of my life studying, eaten leftovers.

9:07 am- I wake up even though I aspire to sleep more. This is not sleeping in. Am betrayed by my own reticular activating system (casual medical mention for maximal odiousness, even though not entirely sure that's correct)

10 am- Decide to eat. I purchased some very non-spicy--though it promised to be spicy--garlic chicken at a Thai restaurant last night so I warm this with a Malaysian paratha. The Malaysian paratha is the wrong brand, minimal amount of fattiness, I give this meal a 3/10.

1:30 pm: I drive to the beach and drink Starbucks. I don't actually get out of the car. I consider this to be a "fun" excursion (???).

2 pm-5pm: I eat a whole container of Tate's cookies--I left them out this week, so they are no longer crunchy, but I like this stale consistency better.

5:46 pm: I sustain myself through UWorld with thoughts that dinner will be better.

Assessment: 24yo F with past history of falling asleep during afternoon rounds from postprandial stupor presents with chronic dissatisfaction with meals most likely due to underlying ennui.