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Deviled Eggs

A quick post because I haven't posted in 2015:

When I have no groceries other than eggs, I make deviled eggs a lot! It is the easiest thing because you can boil the eggs in the rice cooker and walk away (!). You can even put the rice in with the eggs, although according to a conversation with my mom and one of my college roommates, this makes the rice smell (I have since confirmed this to be true.).

With hard-boiled eggs, there's really no over-boiling (unless there is? This is not a terribly precise recipe) so you can't mess anything up at this point. Once the eggs seem done-ish (i.e. have boiled for 15 minutes or more), you put them in cold water so as not to burn your finger when you are peeling. Then you peel.

Cut the eggs in half, and scoop out the yolk! Mix with mayonnaise*, pepper, and paprika/cayenne pepper. Mustard and capers are also good!! Enjoy (see, so quick and easy)!**

Currently I have no eggs so I've been eating a lot of kale because I bought a Jumbo bag (those bags that always seem to be recalled for being contaminated with Listeria). Kale (kill) me, I guess, literally. Hah.

No photos!! Because I can't copy and paste anything due to running UWorld, hahahaha except really cry cry cry cry.

*If you use mayo, don't use salt because the mayo already has too

**Credit to my college roomie Ylan, who taught me how easy these are to make.
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