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Fried Ramen

I eat this probably more than I should, and I know it's not good for me, but you can add vegetables and that makes it not only more nutritious but also infinitely more delicious. It's sort of like a spin on Maggi noodles, which perhaps many other South Asian children had as a snack, fried with peas and egg and served with ketchup.

So. Fried ramen. I take instant ramen and then I boil it as instructed on the package. In a separate pan (or sometimes in the same pan, depending on how many dishes I want to wash, and after putting the boiled noodles into the bowl I will eat them out of) I fry an onion and vegetables or I just heat up the oil if I have nothing in my kitchen.

I add the noodles to the oil and fry them until they are either slightly crispy or translucent-ish, depending on the level effort I am willing to put in. Crispy is preferred but takes longer to make. Then I add the seasoning packet and enjoy!*

Indomie MiGoreng is my favorite brand of instant ramen and has a 5/5 rating on Ramen Rater, so that has to mean something.
You have to add the eggs yourself.
Doesn't it look beautiful? The reason it's so delicious is because it comes with chili oil, some kind of soy sauce blend, Bumbu powder (this is probably pure MSG), and fried onions. You don't have to add anything else from your kitchen--it's excellent as is! It even tastes good not fried (!). That last sentence is a big deal coming from me because I sincerely believe that fried is the best way to prepare anything (please see all entries where I detail my love of fried chicken).

Maruchan ramen, on the other hand, must be fried to make it palatable. I unfortunately have what seems like a lifetime supply of this brand (but in reality is more like a box of ~50 packets that is taking me forever to finish) due to an error committed by my father, in which I told him to buy me Indomie Mi Goreng, but he was under the impression that all instant ramen is the same and brought me and inordinate amount of Maruchan.

I realize that it is bratty that I cannot go and buy my own instant ramen, but for a very long time I did not know where to purchase Mi Goreng. But I have found a place and can now resume my tub of lard ways once again.

*You can add half a seasoning packet and sometimes that's more than enough sodium but the same amount of flavor. If I used Maruchan ramen, I occasionally add sesame oil and soy sauce to achieve a Indomie-like effect, but of course I always fall short because face it, it's Maruchan.
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