Ay, there's the rub.

Food Reporter: 8/21/14

I have just moved into my new apartment and have not unpacked the kitchen yet (as in, my mother was here and unpacked all the other rooms but left the kitchen for me). I am mysteriously too scared to use cups at my new house?? They are the same cups, so I don't know why this is, but I have been drinking out of the same Poland Spring water bottle for the past 4 days. More horrifying details like this below.

8 am: I wake up with an imprint of the spiral from a spiral notebook on the side of my face. I fell asleep on my desk the night before, so I am assuming that this is what it is from, but in the middle of the night I shifted to my bed, so I am uncertain to why the imprint has lasted for so long. I drink some Poland Spring water from the aforementioned bottle.

8:30 am: I contemplate going to class but I am scared of one of my neighbors and do not want to run into her in the parking lot (more on this to come) so I decide to do lectures at home today. For lack of food (and ability to obtain food, as I cannot use my car to leave apartment lest I run into the neighbor), I eat an orange.

10 am: I find a McDonald's hot cakes container in my fridge from when my mom was visiting. Instead of a hotcake however (which I love eating, though I am uncertain if they last long), there is half of a cheese danish instead. I eat it, and it tastes like plastic.

10:32 am: Lectures on bacteria are only so interesting, but I have no coffee in my apartment. I drink some of yesterday's diet coke.

11:15 am: I eat another orange and the rest of the shortbread cookies my family left (only 2.5 cookies). Am realizing dietary habits today are very poor.

11:27 am: I drink more water out of the Poland Spring bottle.

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