Ay, there's the rub.

Newport Creamery

One of the nice things about working for Patch Media was that I got to drive around Rhode Island (well, "Coastal New England," which was maybe a fancy synonym for Rhode Island) a lot and eat things while getting paid for it.

I ate at several ice cream shoppes and even got banned from one, but the best discovery I made that summer was by far Newport Creamery. Newport Creamery is the best! I don't really know how to describe it to people besides saying it is like everyone's favorite, Friendly's, combined with extra fat and then deep-fried twice.

Some things I ate at Newport Creamery (all photos taken from the Internet. Today I went to lunch [not at Newport Creamery because of the risk of arteriosclerosis] and made it halfway through my meal before remembering that I should have been taking pictures for a future post):

The Awful Awful!! The reason this wonderful establishment was recommended to me in the first place.  To be honest, it just tastes like a really good milkshake, akin to one of the Johnny Rocket's franchise, but a good milkshake is a good milkshake (Cue that Kellis song, maybe).

This sandwich was grrrrreat (when I can't think of what to say, I rely on cheap Tony the Tiger imitations).


I don't really like ice cream sandwiches, mostly because I don't like that oddly soft cookie they come with, but Newport Creamery Cow'wich is an exception. You can choose whichever ice cream you would like for the center! There is also a chocolate chip cookie version, but I have very high standards for my chocolate chip cookies, which must always have nutmeg to enhance the flavor. Oreo knockoffs are a little harder to mess up.

Not pictured: The Super Crunchy Grilled Cheese. I can't find a photo, but imagine a grilled cheese sandwich perfectly toasted with mozzarella sticks inside. What a good idea, right?

In short, Newport Creamery should basically pay me to do their PR.

Anyway, the reason I got to go to Newport Creamery the other day was because I finally did the East Bay Bike Path after writing about it last summer. Though I have weird aches and pains all over (I guess people who regularly work out are used to this. Ho hum, every time someone tells me they work out, I just want to go to the nearest McDonald's), it was a day well-spent. I highly recommend it!

I took this photo! The Providence skyline from a far.

This evening I did not utilize the cost of my senior week bracelet and instead stayed in to catch up with all my favorite anesthesiologist bloggers. So wild.