Ay, there's the rub.

Not really food?!

Haven't been doing much interesting cooking or eating lately because as you must have guessed, I did not eat anything while working on my thesis. Har har har. Kidding aside, I ate a burger from Rocket Fine Foods just now and I would love to write something really long about how much I love Rocket Fine Foods, but my feelings toward Rocket most of the time are those of utmost frustration. I want to eat Rocket basically all the time, but I can only find their truck like once a week, by which time it is often closed, and thus I basically fight back tears at least six times in a 168-hour span. That is a lot for me, the one often described as "cold" and "unfeeling." Oh, Rocket!

Perhaps a food truck comparison is in order for the future. But not tonight as I am not really feeling up to looking up the details of Plouf Plouf.

What I do want to talk about is not really food, but it involves food products, so I guess it kind of counts (on my To Do list: majorly revamping Ay There's the Rub and maybe explaining the premise).

Have you ever tried No 'Poo? I tried it after finals spring semester last year. Before I launch into a full description, let me just say, things got dirty realllly fast.

Sometimes I think I am kind of a free-love hippie type until I have to go two days without showering, after which I'm all like, "NO. Yay consumerism!"This is the only explanation I have for trying to go 2 weeks without washing my hair. Actually, let's be honest, I only lasted about a week.

To really give up shampoo, I embraced rinsing my hair with baking soda and vinegar. My mother became very suspicious when I dragged a gallon of vinegar up to my room (I did this right after finals while I was home. If you try this, I recommend a similar location/lull in life because you don't want anyone to see you with this hair. Trust me.). She was correct to be suspicious--no 'poo did not end well for me. Rinsing with diluted vinegar seemed to strip my hair of all its moisture and then the subsequent baking soda rinse gave my hair a chalky consistency. Super attractive.

Still, I kept up with this for a week, during which time I smelled sort of weird and my dad told me I looked like an impoverished Russian woman. It was pretty terrible. I think I looked more like Samara from The Ring, and I would ordinarily include a photo, but I do not wish to scare away the faint of heart (by which I mean myself. Just majorly freaked myself out looking at these photos).

Anyway, blah blah blah, hair, really I just want to know what your shampoo regimens are. After No 'Poo, I had to wash my hair like 30 times to get out the premature dreadlocks that were forming, which basically cancelled out any environmentally friendly gesture I was hoping to make. So it goes.

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