Ay, there's the rub.

I generally enjoy eating out and sometimes, I enjoy cooking too. I am going to maintain this blog as a record of things I have eaten recently or more likely, things I wish I was eating, as I often find myself consuming ramen due to a lack of other edible items (at a low point last year I had chicken broth spiced with a salad dressing packet for dinner).

I also miss the days of yore when I kept an online journal (remember, high school friends?!), so even though "Ay, There's the Rub" has a vague, tenuous theme holding its posts together, maybe I will talk about other things too (though I probably will not update frequently).

For the inaugural post, I present some alternative titles I came up with:
"Food in my Belly"
"I Enjoy Eating" (to deter any pro-ana folks who mistakenly navigated themselves here)
"Them's the Eats"
"Bite Me: A Guide to Good Eats"

Here is a photo of a strawberry. I ate some of these today because soon I will be back at school without access to fresh produce. This will also probably be the last remotely healthy thing I post on here.
Once I was in France (I have only been to France once and it was like 10 years ago, don't mistake this for a jet-setting lifestyle), and I saw the most beautiful, most likely genetically engineered strawberries of my life. They did not look like the alien strawberry in the upper right-hand corner, although that is why I chose that photo--ugly is the new beautiful, am I right?

I am kind of CMS-challenged, so bear with me people (my readership of 5, including myself). Also, today I read this. It's my model for my upcoming theses.